Step 7: Set Up Site Tracking

Setting up Encharge site tracking on your website allows you to track visitors to your web pages. It is required to:

  • See the web pages that both anonymous and known people visit on your website.

  • Match activity from anonymous website visitors to their real profile once they get identified.

  • Track forms on your website and send form submission data to Encharge.

  • Create people segments and trigger Flows based on the web pages that a person visits (using the Page Visited trigger).

  • Measure email engagement and Flow performance by tracking UTM parameters.

How to set up the site tracking code?

Click on your profile > Site Tracking.

On this page you will find your unique Site Tracking code.

Step 1: Copy and paste the code into the <head> section

Copy and paste the tracking code into the <head> section of your HTML code. We recommend inserting the code on all pages of your website to track and segment user activity more effectively.

Step 2: Make sure the code is installed properly

To validate if the code is running properly on your site, click on "Check again" in the next step.

You should get a success message with the time of the last tracked event:

Important: In order for the site tracking code validation to be successful, Encharge needs at least one event to occur on your website after the code has been installed. To do that, you can simply visit one of your website's pages at least once to prompt an event.

Once the tracking code is up and running on your website you will start to see Anonymous and identified activity on each user profile, as well as the Activity Stream on your Dashboard.

Congratulations! You have completed our Quick Start guide series. If you need more help feel free to dive into each section separately or contact us.

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