Automate Slack messages to your team. Get notifications about new leads, users, and customers. Share wins about closed deals with your sales team in Slack.

With this integration, you can send automated messages in Slack triggered by different activities happening in Encharge. For example:

  • Receive a Slack notification when you get a new email subscriber.

  • Receive a Slack notification every time someone becomes a customer in your product.

  • Receive a Slack notification when someone cancels their account.

  • Receive a Slack notification when a new HubSpot contact is added.

  • Receive a Slack notification when a new Intercom lead or user is added.

Connect Slack to Encharge

Connecting HubSpot to Encharge is super easy. Log into your Encharge account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to, click on the Slack logo, then on the "Connect" button. This opens the Slack authorization dialog.

  2. Select the team you want to connect and click on "Add to Slack".

  3. That's it! You can start creating flows with Slack.