Last Activity

The "Last Activity" field in Encharge is a powerful way to know when was the last time when a person engaged with your company.

Based on "Last Activity" you can create segments to reach out to people and keep your brand on top of mind.

One question that we get a lot is what counts as user activity. Here is the full list of events that will bump the "Last Activity" date:

  • Email events:

    • Email open

    • Email click

    • Email reply (if email reply tracking is turned on)

    • Person unsubscribed from emails

    • Email reported as spam :(

  • Typeform submitted

  • Person submits a form connected to "Submitted Form" step

  • Stripe:

    • Trial started in Stripe

    • Stripe subscription activated

    • Stripe subscription cancelled

  • Person subscribes in Mailchimp

  • event received

  • Person created as User/Lead in Intercom

  • HubSpot:

    • Person created as contact in HubSpot

    • Person enters "HubSpot Contact Field Match" step

  • Site tracking events (if the Site tracking snippet is installed on your site):

  • Events received via the Encharge Ingest API