How Do People Enter a Flow?

People can enter flows multiple times through different trigger steps.

Depending on the trigger, one person can enter the same flow through the same trigger (or a different trigger) more than once.

Let's check some examples:

Through a "Form Submitted" trigger

The person enters the flow every time they submit the form. Encharge supports dozens of different form tools, website builder tools and webinar tools like Typeform, Instapage, and Livestorm

In the example below, every time someone submits a form in Elementor, they're going to receive an email and get tagged.

Through an "Entered Segment" trigger

When a person satisfies the characteristics of a specific Segment, they're going to automatically enter this segment.

In the example below, once a person enters the segment "Engaged", we're going to send an internal notification to our team.

Through a "Time Trigger"

The Time Trigger step is used to do things at a specific time. For example, send a newsletter at 8 p.m. tomorrow to all subscribers. Using the Time Trigger a segment of people can enter the flow at a specific time.

See the example below.

Through a " Event" trigger

Encharge has a native integration with the data piping platform allows you to send user events to Encharge to create personalized, behavior-based flows. For instance, you can tag a person when they submit a new request.

Entering the same step multiple times

Some triggers can occur more than once. For instance, if we take the example above, a person can Submit more than one request. In that case, that person will enter the same flow through the same Segment Event multiple times.

This also means that Encharge can perform the same Action to the same person more than once. Please be aware of this when creating your flows. For example, you might not want to send an email every time someone submits a request in your app.

Note on Send Emails action: To protect you from over-emailing people, by default Encharge doesn't allow sending the same email more than once.

Entering the same step multiple times — advanced use cases

In some cases, you may want people to enter the same Trigger and Action steps multiple times.

Let's say you're using multi-dimensional lead scoring to qualify leads and you want to add 1 point every time someone visits the Pricing page. Your flow would look like this:

You can even the Change Field action step in combination with liquid tag formulas to make advanced calculations in your flows. For example: Change "Total requests submitted" field +1 every time someone triggers a "Request submitted" Segment Event: