Send custom HTML email

If you'd like to set your own HTML for an email, use the html parameter.
Sending HTML over email is a mess. Knowing what email clients support what HTML features can be a full-time job.
We recommend using our Visual Drag-and-Drop editor to create a standard-compliant email that will look properly in all email clients. Learn more
To send a custom HTML email, send a request to the API as follows:
const axios = require('axios');
// Send a POST request
method: 'post',
url: '',
data: {
"from": "[email protected]",
"subject": "Welcome",
"html": "<div>Hello and welcome, <b>{{ person.firstName }}</b>!</div>",
* Optionally, you can include a dictionary of fields to be replaced.
* For example, passing
* `{ "loginURL": ""}`
* will replace
* `{{ loginURL }}` in the email html or subject.
"templateProperties": {
"loginURL": ""
If you have previously created the recipient in Encharge, you can use personalization tags, for example {{ person.firstName }} in your email's text. See what fields you can use in Person Fields.