Technical Overview

See the complete API reference. Alternatively, check the API documentation in Postman.
The Transactional Email API:
  • Accepts and outputs JSON.
  • Authenticates using API key passed via the token query parameter or the X-Encharge-Token header. Get your API key from your Account.
  • Returns 202 Accepted on success.
  • Returns descriptive error messages with meaningful HTTP response codes. The response has the following format:
"error": {
"message": "Missing email content. Please pass `template`, `html` or `text`",
"markdown": "<p>Missing email content. Please pass <code>template</code>, <code>html</code> or <code>text</code></p>\n",
"traceId": "9751fe70-0957-11eb-a6b8-3baf67de29f8"