Email Deliverability

Encharge has best-in-class deliverability. We take extra care of our email sending infrastructure to ensure the best deliverability for you. Some of the measures we take:

  • Our system monitors delivery, bounce, unsubscribe, and spam rates to prevent abuse.

  • Cold emails are not allowed on Encharge.

  • All of our mail servers are regularly checked to make sure they are not in email sending blacklists.

  • All new and trial accounts are manually verified to ensure they are not sending spam, phishing, or cold emails.

Test emails end up in Spam folder or display a warning

When your test emails land in spam, usually it's due to one of the following reasons:

  • The sender and the recipient have the same email address. To fix this, send test emails to another email address or set up email authentication (see below).

  • The domain you are sending from does not allow unauthorized email. You can fix this by setting up email authentication.

Set up email authentication

Open Email Settings in Encharge and add the domain you are sending from. Then, set the required DNS records in your DNS host. You might need to forward the information to someone on your team to set this up for you.

If your domain name is "", DNS hostnames look like . Depending on your DNS host, you might need to omit "" from the hostname.

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