Sending data to your Encharge account

If you have a software product (SaaS) or a mobile app, you can bring in data from your app to Encharge automatically.

Getting your users and their activity from your app to Encharge is a great way to give super powers to your onboarding and retention efforts.

There are three ways to get data in Encharge: integration

Sending people and events through Segment works best for when your app already integrates with Segment.

To get started with sending your Segment events to Encharge, open Your Apps, and click on the Segment logo. Integration

Ingest API

The Ingest API lets you create/update people and submit events from your app's backend directly to Encharge.

pageIngest API

JavaScript tracking

Track events that happen on your app's frontend or on your site using the Encharge Javascript tracking.

pageJavaScript Event Tracking

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