Personalizing Emails with Liquid

Sending personalized emails to your subscribers allows you to add a personal touch to your automated messages.

Encharge uses Liquid, a dynamic templating language built by Shopify. Liquid allows you to insert personalization in your emails, display dynamic content, and use data from people in your account in automation flows.

Personalizing with people's data

To dynamically insert data into emails or flow steps, you can use the person object. For example, to dynamically insert the subscriber's first name in an email, you can use the following code: {{ person.firstName }} .

Personalization also works with custom fields. You can review all the fields in your account in Fields Management. To personalize with a custom field, use the field's "API Name" from Fields Management, like so {{person.field-api-name-here}}.

For example, the API Name for the "Last Name" field is lastName and the personalization tag would be {{person.lastName}}.

Accessing the current date

You can insert the current date, formatted as simplified extended ISO 8601 format (e.g. 2020-12-30T19:35:54.019Z ) with the {% now %} Liquid tag.

Advanced Personalization

Encharge supports all Liquid tags and filters as described in the official Liquid docs.

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