Benefits and Features

Explore all the nice things that the Encharge Transactional Email API can do for you

Awesome looking emails - everywhere

Sending HTML over email is a mess. Knowing what email clients support what HTML features can be a full-time job.

With Encharge, you can use our Visual Drag-and-Drop editor or our Simple editor to create a standard-compliant email that will look properly in all email clients. Then, you can send the template using this API.

Track Email Activity

Transactional email opens and clicks, as well as deliveries will appear in your users' timeline.

Email Deliverability

The API uses the DKIM and SPF settings you have set in your Encharge email settings. This way your emails will come from your own domain.

If you haven't set the required records, Encharge will use its own DKIM and SPF settings, which come with high deliverability by default. Please note, that in this case some of your recipients might see "via" next to your domain name in their inbox:

UTM tags

Encharge automatically appends UTM tags to your links if enabled in your Encharge email settings, as follows:

  • utm_source is who sent the email. It will be set to "encharge".

  • utm_medium is the marketing channel used, which will be set to “email.”

  • utm_campaign is the name of the marketing campaign. It is set to "transactional".

  • utm_content is set to the subject of your email.

You can set the UTMTags parameter to false in your request, to disable this behavior.

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