Managing Flows: Creating, Activating, Pausing, Editing and Archiving Flows

The Flows page

The Flows page is a list of all of the flows created in your account.

The Status of the flow indicates if a flow is currently active (On) or Deactivated.

Flows are ordered by the last time they were opened — newly opened flows will show up on top.

Creating a new flow

To create your first Flow go to the Flows page and click the Add button on the bottom left:

Creating a flow

In the Drawer you will be asked to select one of our pre-defined best-practice flow templates or Start blank.

Select on Start blank to start with an empty flow.

Activating a flow

To activate a flow click go to the Flow builder and click on the On/Off switch at the bottom right.

Encharge has a 20 second artificial delay when activating flows. In other words, once you active a flow you have 20 seconds to turn it off before the flow is actually activated — this is to prevent you from activating flows by mistake and to allow you to undo your action.

To pause an active flow simply click on the On/Off switch.

Saving a flow

In Encharge you don't save flows. Flows are automatically saved once you create a flow and start working on it. To see when a flow was saved for the last time, look at the time on the right side of the flow name.

Editing an active flow

In Encharge you can edit active flows. To do that just open the flow you want to edit and start working on it as you would regularly do. Once you do that you will be prompted with a warning message:

While it's technically possible to edit an active flow on the go, we highly encourage you to Pause your flows first. Editing an active flow on the go could lead to unexpected consequences like sending an email by mistake.

Once the flow is Paused you can easily make any changes and re-activate it.

Adding steps to an old flow

Let's say you create a flow and activate it. Some people enter and leave that flow, but later you decide to edit the flow and add a few more steps at the end of it.

Once a person leaves the flow, they will not continue to new steps that are added in subsequent edits.

However, any new people that enter the flow for the first time and any people that are currently in the flow (i.e. haven't reached the last step, yet) will continue to the newly added steps.

Learn more:

Archiving a flow

To delete a flow go to the Flows page and click on the X icon at the far right of the flow.

Archived flows can only be restored by our team. If you've archived a flow by mistake, please contact us.